Temecula: What It Costs To Run This great City Or How To Make a Living?

According to a Popular Website Transparent California The City Manager was making upwards up to $300,000 with the Assistant City Manager just trailing.

The data was collected back around 2013, what the increases are now is unknown for the time being. I saw benefits upwards to $117,000 for another position Titled Advisor To City Manager whom totaled off with pay and benefits at $444,009.00. Of “course” the source is from a popular Website which also includes pensions and other various salaries, so what are the Salaries now? what puzzled me was an Advisor To The City Manager makes more than the City Manager . I am in no way singling out just these positions in this article it’s just that these positions were at the top of the Website, according to the Website there is far to much data about other various Counties, positions, pay, benefits, pensions and more it would take me for ever to write about all of it. I was intrigued with the Website’s information .

Temecula is a great City, Working for the City seems to be a Great Living, and working in the City is a…



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