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Georgia: Officers Fired After Viral Assault Video Captured

A Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni is captured appearing to be repeatedly punching a 21-year-old black man Demetrius Bryan Hollins in the upper part of Hollins body. According to reports Bongiovanni has since been fired from his position as a law enforcement officer, a second officer has also been fired. The incident sparked so much outrage that Hollins attorney said “ Attorney: ...

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Shaun King Lashes Out After Sanders Loss In Georgia

In our latest opinion: Shaun King an avid Bernie Sanders supporter/endorser lashes out on his latest article regarding super delegates citing that the Democratic party is rigged. Many are questioning King’s tactics as he uses the New York Daily News as a tool to write his supporting opinions on Sanders questioning if King is upset and or disappointed because his candidate ...

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In Georgia An Accidental Shooting Is A Misdemeanor?

Clayton County, GA: Sheriff Victor Hill has just been indicted by a Gwinnett County grand jury after he shot and critically wounded a woman in what he described as an accident. Hill was indicted on one count of reckless conduct, a misdemeanor. The woman whom was shot has recovered from her injury according to sources, so is that what made it ...

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