Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton Discuss Black Lives Matter

Opinion –
If you’re waiting for a Republican Candidate to address the issue of Black Lives Matter don’t hold you’re breathe.
In-fact that may be one of todays most important issues that separates Donald Trump from Hillary Clinton, and many in the black communites are paying attention.

Though this may not be one of the best elections in history, whereas many believe they are stuck with mainly two choices, it couldn’t be clearer in my mind that voting for Trump could lead to more of a Police state with the possibility of giving officer(s) discretion of Trump’s proposed ” Stop And Frisk ” a failed and unconstitutional tactic once used in New York which was deemed at targeting Latinos and African Americans.

Many of you will say there are other options, options of other candidates that are not even close at reaching a threshold of appearing on a debate, and that’s true – there are other options, but in the end nothing will erase the fact according to polls that you will most likely end up with either Trump or Clinton, and that YOUR vote matters.

Final thought –
Yes, a vote for a third party could help another candidate win.

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