Hillary Clinton Meets With Black Lives Matter Again

The Washington Post Reported That –

The gathering is the second time that Clinton will meet with Brittany Packnett, who is one of the founders of Campaign Zero, which was spawned by protests in Ferguson, Mo. And it is also her second meeting with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, who is also a co-founder of Campaign Zero.

Very proud to see a candidate willing to meet and address issues.

Folks I have to tell you, this meeting has awakened some of the worst in America, I insist that you read some of the comments being left about our race and the Black Lives Matter movement, this election is to serious for us to just stay home, we must send a strong message that bigots and racists will never be accepted in America.

I hope you will all vote Blue all the way down the ballots.

See the comments HERE

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