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Claudia Castillo released a YouTube video showing her stopping Officer Daniel Fonticiella on the side of a Florida highway one week ago.

Source: Woman who pulled over officer for speeding targeted online


Billy Bush Is Out And Donald Trump Is Still In…






According to the Los Angeles Times –

Billy Bush is officially out at NBC over taped sex talk with Donald Trump.     


Opinion – 

It’s pretty sad when a major network can hold a person accountable for their actions, and yet a Republican Party Can’t.

In fact only a small number of Republicans have chosen to un-endorse Donald Trump since the leak of the tape.


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One Big Question Not Asked At The Debates





One Big Question Not Asked At The Debates –

” Mr. Trump, Will You Go On The Record And Release “All” Your Employees From The Confidentiality  Agreement and let them speak of their on free will ” ?

That simple question may very well be telling.

Beside all of the conspiracy theories and rhetoric often heard from the Trump Campaign and some supporters,..

That maybe the one main reason why Trump is Polling so low along side with his approval ratings.

Here are some of the issues being reported –

According to Vanity Fair

Donald Trump Sues Former Aide for $10 Million over “Sordid” Campaign Affair Story.

The Big Story Reported that –

For many Trump employees, keeping quiet is legally required.

Other sources have reported that even volunteers are not allowed to criticize Trump in any manner.

Donald Trump’s volunteer contract forbids all criticism of Trump for life .

Opinion –

How could America allow for anything like this to happen?

When employees are being deprived of their own free will, and stripped of their right of freedom of speech as a trade off in order to be employees no less than to have a job in order to support themselves and or family is a disgrace.

I have heard of these things happening a many years ago when Adolf Hitler was in charge of Germany, all the way to Putin’s administration and in many other countries where people can not speak their own free will of their administration.

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Donald Trump’s Accusers Should Attend Next Debate





Opinion –

Many people are saying Donald Trump will most likely not show up at the debate …

If his accusers are present.

Well lets find out…

This is not a political issue, but more so a woman’s rights issue

It’s time for women to stand up!

This man should face his accusers and address the issues at hand, no person should ever be considered for the presidency without giving the country a clear conscious.

When was the last time Donald Trump addressed these issues? on a major network?

One on one?

We should not allow for anyone to ignore groping allegations…

If Donald Trump can invite Bill Clinton’s accusers then the same standards should be applied to Donald Trump’s accusers.


Again, These women have every right to be heard, and enough is enough.

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