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Evanston Police Video Sparks Outrage

The incident occurred in 2015, why such a long delay of releasing the video raises many eyebrows as to transparency between police and the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect. One has to question this traffic stop, as it could have been anyone’s son or daughter being attacked by a group.

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San Diego: Rapper “Tiny Doo” Files Suit Against City

SAN DIEGO – According to the OC Register – A hip-hop musician and a community organizer have sued the city of San Diego for federal civil rights violations over being jailed on gang-related charges based on their rap lyrics and social media postings. This is a developing story stay tuned as we gather more info.

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Breaking: FBI chief James Comey is facing an internal investigation

According to the New York Times – FBI chief James Comey is facing an internal investigation into his pre-election actions on the Clinton email case — The New York Times (@nytimes) January 12, 2017 Opinion: FBI Director James Comey And Jason Chaffetz Should Be Investigated – The questions that are being raised as to whether or not FBI Director ...

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